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“Process of change requires you becoming conscious of your unconscious self”

Joe Dispenza


In order to live a more authentic and fulfilling life, we have the ability to reprogram our belief systems. Many experts state that our thoughts are only 3 to 5% conscious thoughts and 95 to 97% are from our subconscious. By addressing our belief systems, we are able to raise our vibrations thus shifting our perception and projection into the world around us. We are giving ourselves the chance to create a life we want to live and living it from a place of choices that are in alignment with what our Heart truly desires.

This session is designed to identify and reprogram some of the beliefs you may have created. We look at some of the sabotage, hidden ego agenda, weight programming, attitudes and judgments which can all get in the way of your happiness and your self-acceptance. This session will support you in improving your relationship with yourself. It can also establish more of a body-mind-heart connection.
Let’s reprogram to experience more bliss in relationship including the most sacred one, the relationship with yourself.

Do you want more of an abundant life and manifest what you truly desire? Are you getting in the way of your own success? How is your relationship and belief system towards wealth, success and your worthiness in having what you want?
Have you noticed family patterns when it comes to money, successes, failure, losses…? Could it be from past lives?
Let’s identify what’s blocking you and reprogram… Letting go of what no longer serves you is Freedom and extends the opportunity to make Choices more aligned with your Authentic Self.

We are committed in supporting you towards your experience of

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