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“Small islands of coherence in a sea of chaos can shift the whole system to a higher order”

Barbara Marx Hubbard


Have you ever wondered how much the experience of a heartbreak gets carried over into other relationships? How are you setting yourself up for a successful relationship if you keep on bringing the same emotional baggage from one relationship to the next?
Isn’t time to travel emotionally light?

This is just one example of what can be released. With this modality, we are able to let go of trapped emotions that are lodged in the client’s body. We work with the body’s innate intelligence to identify and release non supportive emotional energies from negative past events – these can be current, inherited or from past lives.

Many of these trapped emotions have been associated with depression, anxiety, fears, inability to breathe fully, being in a fog state or develop some type of chronic pain or imbalances which arise in the physical body. They often show up to bring us to the awareness that there is an emotional attachment affecting certain organs or other parts of the body. These emotions can also block people from experiencing happiness, love and inner peace. It can also empower one with self-love and more inner strength. Many of us can experience a sense of being “stuck” which prevents us from fully living and moving forward.

This type of session can give the client room to breathe, reduce stress, sleep better, support the digestive system, etc….

Each person, child or pet is unique and will experience different results.

This type of session is also valuable for children and pets (dog, cats & horses)

We are committed in supporting you towards your experience of

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