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“Scent is invisible but perceptible; it adds varying levels and dimensions to our spiritual states of consciousness.””

Margaret Ann Lembo

GemAroma™ is a High Vibrational Intelligence™ line of Therapeutic Blends of Essential Oils that are unique by the way each blend is formulated.

We generate a new Vibrational Intelligence™ through the purposeful intention placed at the time of formulation; carefully selected high quality 100 % pure & natural, organic oils when available & all natural gemstones which have specific properties to enhance the vibration of each blend.

Each formulated blend is infused with a high vibrational customized activation and additional sound healing therapy to create a distinct synergy. This is finalized by properly naming each blend as a reflection of its purpose.

We are very grateful to be given the opportunity to support you on your path of well-being with such a high caliber and exclusive product line and we welcome your custom needs.

​”We humans should consult the higher realms (look within and discern what is best for the many, what is best for Mother Earth) before we begin construction […] For the work to take on its own life, it must be conceived from higher energies and be designed and crafted with that same guidance.” Marie-Claire Wilson (The Spiritual Tarot page 113/114)


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