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Intuitive Reading

A reading is an intuitive process in which the reader connects with her Higher Self, Spiritual Team and Source Energy to assist the querent in gaining insights and information. Readings can be direct readings, and can also use multiple divination systems that may include tarot cards, oracle cards, numerology and psychometry.

30 minutes or 60 minutes readings are available

Readings with the Body of Wisdom Oracles

This is a reading involving the Body of Wisdom Oracles that is comprised of the Oracle of Crystals, Gemstones and Rocks – Conversations with the Mineral Kingdom that I collaborated on with Carole Franques, her I Am Oracle – an inner journey of empowerment, and Working with Colors Oracle – Their Qualities, Their Frequencies. You will find the Oracles in the Introspective Tools section of our Shop.

30 minutes or 60 minutes readings are available

Intuitive Readings Bundle

You can book 3 readings as a bundle and Save $

30 minutes or 60 minutes readings are available

Elemental Space Clearing®

Space Clearing is an ancient practice found in all cultures worldwide. It is the art of clearing and harmonizing energy and blessing spaces by calling in spirit. Clearings are done to establish harmonious energy at a location. Booking for clearings varies based upon the size of the property.
They can be done remotely or in person. For more information please email me.

* Initial Consultation for in person assessment $75.00
* Residential – Size up to 2500 sq ft
* Residential * 2500+ sq ft / Commercial Properties /Undeveloped Property a deposit of $222.00 is required

Integrative Energy Work

Trained in Healing Touch and Reiki, Rosemary has integrated these two modalities that allow her to do integrative energy work.

Energy work is a non-invasive complementary holistic technique. Benefits include: stress and pain reduction, relieving sleeplessness, comfort care for individuals in hospice, and creating an overall feeling of

Energy work can be done in person as well as remotely.
Sessions are 60 minutes

Integrative Energy Work for Pets

 Rosemary connects energetically to offer relief and comfort for the animal’s condition. Integrative energy work is non-invasive and can be done in person or remotely. The benefits for pets are much the same as the benefits for humans. She has facilitated sessions for conditions requiring surgery, both pre- and post-operation, stress reduction, pain relief after dental work, relief for allergies, skin conditions, and end-of-life comfort.  Please keep in mind that Integrative Energy work is a holistic technique, is complementary, and is not a replacement for veterinary care.  

Sessions are 45 minutes
Packages are available

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