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Reading with Rosemary Nevara


Receive a 1 hour unique reading with Rosemary from the Beings of the Mineral Kingdom.


Receive a unique reading with Rosemary from the Beings of the Mineral Kingdom.

1 hour reading
For other types and length of readings, please contact Rosemary at:


Rosemary Nevara uses her psychic aptitude for communicating with all manner of Beings as well as those who have transitioned to provide valuable information to her clients through personal readings.

She is a practitioner of various modalities including Elemental Space Clearing®

She is an eternal avid student of the Metaphysical and Healing Arts. She has studied Shamanism of the Inca Tradition of the Andes and is currently studying Evolutionary Astrology. Rosemary is a believer of being of service and uses her abilities to support others.

She is a powerful psychic/medium. She can also communicate with your pets who are with you or have transitioned.  She can support you with general readings, if you need clarity and conducts readings with Oracle and Tarot cards.

You can contact her directly to schedule your appointment. If you choose to purchase the reading through Soulful Joyful Living, we will forward your information to Rosemary.

Soulful Joyful Living and Carole Franques have no responsibility between you and Rosemary Nevara; we are just facilitating a transaction between you and Rosemary Nevara. All scheduling, options and refunds will need to be addressed with her directly by contacting her at: RDRNEVARA@GMAIL.COM


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