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Altar/Sacred Space Starter Kit


Altar/Sacred Space Starter Kit

Our Altar and Sacred Space Starter Kit has the ideal elements to create a beautiful space in your home. We mindfully created and curated items which will promote deeper connections and made sure to represent the 4 elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth in some form.

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Our Altar and Sacred Space Starter Kit has the ideal elements to create a beautiful space in your home. As a visual reminder, it helps deepen your connections with Spirit, Passed Loved Ones and the most important of all, a connection with Yourself.  This kit can also be used for those who like to give their Altar a makeover.

It includes mindfully created and curated items:
  • We have intentionally created our Ensoulistry® cloth with a design in hues of blues  We are calling it Higher Realms but because of its colors and sense of softness, it can be associated with the element of Water as well as the Higher Realms. Water is very cleansing. This is a 20 inch by 20 inch cloth which is very soft to the touch made of polyester. It is versatile in its uses as you can create beautiful crystal grids, conduct card readings, or simply decorate your walls or nightstand.
  • Our special ceramic Altar Tile* can be used as an activator or as a simple   coaster to hold your candle or glass of water. Because of the sacred designs it can raise the vibration of your water. (*style may vary from picture)  You can learn more about the concept of charging water by Dr. Emoto and water crystals.
  • Our Signature Mist is curated to change the energy of the space you find yourself in. It can be associated with the Air element as well as the Earth element since we are using what Nature’s has gifted us with some of the purest Essential Oils We also use sound amplify the benefits of our blends.
  • We associate candles with the element of Fire.  We have included a Selenite Soy Candle by Harmonia for cleansing purposes.
  • The Angel Wing can host your most precious trinkets and can represent the element of Air.
  • A White and Red Sage Smudge Stick to cleanse and purify the home of negative energies. Many cultures practice some form of smudging.
  • We chose gemstones and crystals to represent the element of Earth a Vial of Gemstones – Multi or single stone. (*content of vial may vary) Multi includes a mixture of all 4 – Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Clear Quartz chips. Single includes a vial containing only one kind of either one of the stones/crystals mentioned above.
  • An Angel Blessing Stone act as a reminder to ask for blessings and be open to receive them.
  • We added a small card holder to be used to hold your Oracle card or Tarot card of the day or your favorite picture.

You can add one of our Oracle deck or all 5 to nourish your soul and expand as to live from higher states of consciousness and manifestation.

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