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“Every day I get to know more of myself, like what I see and appreciate who I am.”

Carole Franques

I am quite a resilient individual who has faced many challenges. 
I experienced a great sense of abandonment, low self-esteem for many years, partly because I was trying to fit into an unfamiliar territory; conflicts with parents; their divorce; parents moving away to other countries; was an emotional eater & overweight for many years; got married; dissatisfied in her job of running the family business; became a wonderful mom; unhappy and disconnected in her marriage; got separated in 2011 & divorced in 2013; daughter flying out of the nest to pursue her own education & interests; loss of pets and various health issues in between to my now. Does any of this sound familiar?

Life brings challenges but through self awareness and continuous reflective work; studies into the healing arts, I was able to rebuild and to bring joy back into my life. Through my own process, I discovered and learned to embrace that I am an intuit, a caring & loving individual with, as I have been told many times, a pure heart, an empowered empath and I am committed to making a difference in someone else’s life. As part of my blueprint, I am designed to serve and to bring peace so here I AM. I am not involved in any particular denomination or faith, I am just an open channel to receive the guidance in order to help myself and others move forward and illuminate the radiant light that is within.
I get to aspire others to change, to transform their reality and I know you can too! You can CHOOSE to live your best life; be your best self despite your past. At the core, your past does not define who you are…

It is very rewarding for me to be given the opportunity to support someone else on their path to joy because I get to witness their transformation.
The programs I have designed cater to just that, bringing that awareness, the understanding, the skills and creating a Spiritual Connection so that your inward supports your outward.

Will you keep on Replaying your Story or Will you Reset to Create the life you truly want to experience in this lifetime?

I am here to serve through Spirit’s guidance.

How can I serve You?

I AM committed in supporting you towards your experience of

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