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“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are.”

Roy T. Bennett

I am so glad you are here!
My name is Carole Franques

I am a Way Shower, an Integrative Holistic Practitioner and a channel of interdimensional Artistry, bringing the invisible to the visible to unleash your hidden possibilities while raising the vibration of your physical and subtle bodies. My I AM Oracle deck of cards is a profound tool of introspection for an impactful journey of empowerment. The channeled Unleash Your Hidden Possibilities™ Entrepreneurial Program reframes one’s limiting patterns and creates a heart-centered and intentional entrepreneurship. As an intuitive practitioner, I support other spiritual healers around the globe with a purposeful body of healing tools for your own growth and practice. My heart’s desire is to enliven Humanity to experience more Soulful Joyful Living

I am committed in supporting you towards your experience of

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