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This month’s message is based on the pull from our I AM A Manifestor Oracle and the card is Unified Field of Wholeness.

The message is about being in alignment with our Divine Plan. Basking into the light of the Great Central Sun allows us to awaken to our I AM Presence. It also relates to embracing our truest forms of expression.

We are Whole

As we embrace our truest forms of expression, we bring forth our gifts to life. We are filled with endless imagination, possibilities, creativity, adaptability only if we allow them to shine through our wholeness. Embracing who we truly are gives us the freedom of expression.

Ultimately, we are responsible for bringing those gifts to life. It is no one else’s job but ours alone. We are the ones who need to apply them, take advantage of them, evolve with them.

As we bring our gifts to life, we connect with our truest and purest forms of expression.

When we embrace our wholeness and are aligned to our Divine Plan, we tap into the purest of frequency- that of love – As we open ourselves to the experience of pure love, we can overcome the hurdles placed on our path with more ease and grace.

Furthermore, aligning with this frequency of pure love, we tap into our most abundance. It opens doors for abundance to come in its many forms. We are abundant in health, in relationships, in being supported.

Taking responsibility 

Recognizing our wholeness embodies the understanding that we are no longer a victim – we never were. We no longer perceive ourselves to be victims. We rather take responsibility for our experiences and choices as well as in how our lives are now unfolding. As we drop the victim mentality and the martyr archetype, we are no longer living from a lack mentality or blame. We feel more love, more abundance, more joy and live a life feeling more fulfilled.

Being grateful for having the ability to nurture our relationships with our Higher Selves, we remember who we are. This remembrance becomes a gateway to the Elixir of Life where all potentialities are possible, palpable, achievable should we choose to embrace our I AM Presence. Isn’t it time?

When we step into alignment with our Divine plan, we give ourselves the freedom to show up embracing who we are. This can be the definition, the manifestation and the pure enjoyment of the Elixir of Life.

Check our discussion of each card in our video message while sharing some of our personal experiences – watch video

Journal Prompt –

How do I awaken to my I AM Presence with my endless imagination, creativity, adaptability & potential?

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Carole Franques is an integrative practitioner of the Healing Arts. She holds various certifications in healing modalities with which she facilitates sessions. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Artist.
She is passionate about creating tools to support individuals in embracing and appreciating who they are; in stepping into all their potentialities through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. She is known to bring the invisible to the visible.  She hosts various online and in-person group sessions in various locations and conducts private sessions. She resides in Oregon.

Rosemary Nevara is a psychic medium and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to communicate with all manner of Beings, including those who have transitioned.
She does Direct Readings and use various Divination tools with Oracle and Tarot cards being among her favorites. She is passionate about using my gifts to be of service to others.
She conducts sessions on people and pets.
Rosemary conducts readings in Albuquerque, NM in person and remotely.

We are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conduct sessions remotely and in person.


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