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This month’s message is from the card Shaking up the Status Quo from I AM a Manifestor Oracle.

In order for us to manifest our soul’s desires, we must shake up the status quo. We may find ourselves in a state of complacency which is not serving us.

How do we define insanity?

We may find ourselves in repetitive cycles where nothing changes despite our desires for something different. We may feel stuck in unhealthy patterns, habits, thought forms which keep us in a loop of insanity. Unless we shake up the status quo, nothing may ever change. The wisdom shared encourages us to trust our power of riding the waves of life and move ourselves out of our comfort zone. It is easy to fall into thinking life happens to us; however, we are the ones who need to create the waves.  As we move out of our comfort zone and see that we’re breaking thresholds or limits we self-imposed, we’re becoming a better version of ourselves; an expanded version. We gather the courage to contemplate things we’ve never done before or even imagined; we may be willing to take more risks which can bring great rewards. This certainly is a powerful way to build self-trust.

Stepping into these new ways of being, we open ourselves to more opportunities. We open ourselves to things we never thought were possible or attainable. Yet, here we are doing it!

Finding our power

With a dose of mindfulness, discernment and aligned actions, we clearly understand that we have choices and we see how they may impact the whole. We take responsibility for what we are creating. There is so much power in that!

While shaking up the status quo, we may have to address some fears and anxieties. We may have to embrace all of who we are like the diamond and its many facets. We may have to step in and reclaim our power. So many of us have given some or all of our power away through our many lifetimes. We have been waiting for us – to be aligned with our Divine Blueprint. With so many experiences under our belts, we may have strayed from our path now and then.

We are potential at rest, ready to emerge

Everything we need is available to us. We simply must choose it, then it chooses us. We must also remember to ask for healing, for tranquility, for sustenance, for abundance and be open to receive.

Through the release of fears and shaking up what has been to welcome what wants to come forth; we celebrate a newer energy. Welcoming this new energy brings about new experiences.

In this newness, we uncover new ways of communication, of expression. We communicate through artistic creativity and talents.  What has been hidden inside is blossoming into form to be shared outside of ourselves, and for others to appreciate.

Somehow, we may feel safer to come out and play

We connect more deeply with our light through this creative self-expression. It’s almost like a light switch that just got turned on. Acknowledging that there’s more to us than this mere physical form, this physical vessel, we appreciate more and more the light within us. We embrace all aspects of our Being. We become less afraid to be who we are and enjoy the opportunities to share of ourselves. Think about how much of a gift we are and how much more we have to experience!

Being an inspiration

As light bearers, we become an inspiration for others to do the same; for them to shake up their status quo.

Just like the bearer of the Olympic torch, we too, carry our own torch leading us to step onto an illuminated path. We’re invited to release what has been obstructing our vision. In the knowing that we are multi-dimensional beings, we become way showers as we look to the unknown and expansive horizons.

We lead by example as we move forward and with more clarity. Each time we level up, we gain new perspectives, new discoveries; new doors open, new experiences unfold… Being this Infinite Being has its perks!  We get to un-create scenarios – break down the sets, fire the actors.  We get to recreate – change some props, reassign actors to different roles. We get to create – new story lines, new sets and props as well switch out more suitable actors… We get to create scripts from a higher level of consciousness. This is attained through self-awareness and self-discovery practices.

Choice in what we create

What are we choosing to create with our newfound ways of expression, of courage, of understanding in shaking up the status quo?  We get to welcome greater things to manifest as we walk on the illuminated path towards new realms of creation!

PS–  As Spirit would have it – as I was typing this, a song came up from “my likes” library titled – The Real You –  isn’t this fun!

Journal prompt – How would moving myself out of my comfort zone open doors to welcome something unexpectedly wonderful?

Take a walk on the wild side and dare to:

  • ask someone out for coffee
  • explore a new career path
  • ask for an overdue promotion or time off
  • take more risks? (keeping safety in mind, of course)
  • be more vulnerable with your partner
  • ask for help?


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