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This month’s theme is from the Illuminating Growth card from our I AM A Manifestor Oracle.

The Illuminating Growth card invites us to pay attention to those moments of inspiration and insights which reveal what is ready to grow. What you are yearning to make manifest?

With an open-mind and flexible intentions, we open ourselves to new perspectives and options. We revisit flexibility once more. By embracing the flexibility of mind and as well as behavior, the world truly becomes our oyster as they say.

The importance of Non-Attachment

A key ingredient to these moments of inspiration and insights ready to grow is practicing non-attachment to outcomes. This propels us into the abound field of potentialities. Non-attachment leads us to receive way beyond what we could ever imagine as we loosen control over how it is supposed to be or when it is supposed to happen. This non-attachment goes hand in hand with flexibility and open-mindedness. It also fosters a sense of hope, surprise and bewilderment, don’t you think?

The power of boundaries

In order to empower ourselves, we are reminded to achieve balance by learning to say no. Not all insights and inspiration will result in manifestation. By gifting ourselves a moment to pause to honor how we feel, we are led to what truly resonates with us, within our hearts, within our souls.  By introspecting the why we choose to say yes, and discerning what we say yes to, we more readily choose what is serving us and others for the highest good of all. What resonates is true for us. Inspiration and insights ready to flourish become more aligned with who we are and how we are here to serve.

Helping or Enabling?

Sometimes the receiver stops us in our tracks when they refute our offerings. Could they mirror to us the fact that we have become an enabler or have chosen to carry responsibilities that are not ours to carry in the first place?  Maybe what is reflected to us is how these “yeses” may have taken us off our own path. If we have become an enabler, are we taking others off their paths as well?  Is our “yes” an excuse for not doing what we are meant to be doing in the first place? Could their resistance in receiving be seen as an opportunity for us to get back to taking responsibility for our own lives?

Honing powerful skills

To explore those moments of inspiration and insights through non-attachment and through the practice of saying no, we build valuable skills of discernment and empowerment.

Guidance with Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is an ally and a guide to doing Shadow work, a process of embracing all aspects of the self, which takes courage and commitment on our part.  Let us use it to delve deeper and get to immerse ourselves into this vast field of potentialities. We can materialize on some of these wonderful opportunities being presented.

These messages truly guide us to honor who we are, what we are here to do and experience a fulfilling life through new perspectives and discerning skills. The more we listen and are in alignment, the more we show up authentically.

When we self-reflect more deeply, we no longer choose to engage in activities that are not serving us. As we practice self-discovery, we connect with what resides within us and greet our innermost layers and depths. This allows for new seeds to be planted and new growth to emerge.

The human race is quite complex

We recognize our multi-dimensionality as we honor ourselves and gain a deeper understanding of who we are.

Welcoming the connection with our multi energetic layers of our beings facilitates the journey. This connection brings us into an expansive field – The Quantum Field – where all potentialities await. More pathways unfurl as we step forward on our illuminated path allowing  us to design a more fulfilling reality. We get to choose what we want to experience with much more clarity.

Consequently, being open to healing helps us create or reach a state of peace with what is. Within this state of peace, we can achieve more stability. We become more centered and grounded just like a tree – its trunk is strong and sturdy and its branches and leaves are flexibility to sway with the winds.

New perspectives for Manifestation

Within this new gained stability, we are more apt to receive insights and inspiration that are aligned and more likely to make manifest.

Part of our journey of evolution is to spiral up to releasing shackle of limitations to self-acceptance, to embracing our Eternal Oneness, to feeling peaceful and grounded onto this Earth Plane. That is true empowerment to commit to one’s Illuminated Growth.

Journal Prompt

How would practicing non-attachment to outcomes invite more aligned insights and inspiration?


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