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Messages from The Body Of Wisdom Oracles April 2024

This month’s message is from the card pulled Universal Vault from the I AM A Manifestor Oracle inviting us to enter and access this magnetic self-serve buffet of unlimited abundance.

Most often, we may feel separated from abundance and may find ourselves in a mentality of lack.

This month’s message is a good reminder that we came onto this plane with unlimited access to abundance but where did that knowing get lost though?

Though our experiences may dictate otherwise, the Universal Vault invites us to step into this magnetic self-serve buffet of abundance and help us remember that a bounty of abundance is always at our disposal. With this self-serve buffet, there is no restrictions, no limits to how much we tap into and pull from.

With this boundless buffet, giving ourselves permission is of the essence. As we shift our perceptions from a mentality of lack to a knowing; we accept it as a truth that we have an unlimited and unrestricted access; that within the Universe, we are offered boundless abundance. We no longer feel separated from what has been available to us all along.

When did we decide it wasn’t? We may want to ask ourselves this question as we up level our understanding on how it all works to manifest what we intentionally want to manifest.

It is easy for us to fall into this perception of lack when we start looking at the amount in our bank accounts or the lack of funds to repair or maintain a home, to afford a vacation, or invest in our businesses or just simply buying healthy food to feed our families. These experiences can make us feel unworthy or deprived which then keep us in this repetitive loop of “living” in lack.

The Universal Vault is our reminder that whoever we are, wherever we come from, there is no separation whatsoever to this access to Abundance. IT is really up to us to find do our inner work as to be in Oneness with All the Universe offers us. Maybe we need to nurture our connection with Mother Earth more; she is the provider of our material needs after all, isn’t She?

As we heal and shift, we open ourselves to this self-serve buffet and help ourselves to this its abundance without preconceived ideas or judgments. As we enter, we are encouraged to deeply heal our wounds and sense of separation as well as this supposed “undeserving-ness.”

How many times have we limited ourselves, kept ourselves small, separated or even held on to things a little too tightly because of the fear of not having enough? When we embrace our abundant self, we open the field. We also understand that as we receive, we are not depriving another to receive too – the Universe is abundant for all!

We simply have to look at nature to remind us of that. As I was writing this, I kept getting the visual of a fruit tree. When we take a fruit from a tree, another fruit is right there for the taking for someone else; we take what we need – no more, no less.  It also reminded me that often times, another fruit may grow in its place so there is constant regeneration. There is, I believe, a benevolent side that comes with being abundant and a responsibility to manage and create an exchange wisely and mindfully. However, our due diligence is to keep away from our existing ego-based agendas to engage in this perpetual cycle of receiving and giving and not just amassing.

The state of our well-being matters

How have we fell out of the wagon in any aspect in nourishing our Souls physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually? Are we practicing some type of self-care to support ourselves in nourishing our physical bodies with wholesome food; nurturing our emotions by creating a more relaxing environment and feeding our Souls with deep listening?

The way we choose to nourish ourselves creates our vibrancy and contributes to our overall well-being. Spring is here and Farmers’ markets are right around the corner in starting their season off… In my opinion, there’s nothing like a crisp, freshly picked, green or red leaf lettuce.  Add some almonds, chia seeds or pumpkin seeds with a homemade vinaigrette or dressing and voila, a meal that rejuvenates us!  As we feel more vibrant, we have more stamina to do the things that we love. This newfound energy brings joy, positivity and health into the mix. Just as spring brings renewal so does our vibrancy.

With this renewed vibrancy, our perceptions of the world may shift – I have the image of a face with a big smile on it – We feel more invigorated, welcoming and determined.  With this regenerated balanced self, we may feel more inclined and mindful to take better care of ourselves because we can tell the difference when we don’t. This nourishment can alter our moods…

The choices that we make affect how we view ourselves, how well we feel in our skin, how much confidence we project outward, and ultimately our experiences change. How we nourish ourselves help us perceive our world as abundant.

When we are intentional about our well-being, we become more open to living from a space of integrity and honesty – that ultimately fosters more confidence. Our decisions and actions are based on authenticity and that is where we are cultivate a deepened body, mind and spirit connection.

Consequently, how we feel dictates how we show up don’t you think?

We have to become aware and focus on what we feel, on the energy moving into our bodies; these are telling signs in how we are being in this precise moment. Are we feeling anxious or at peace? Are we feeling angry or motivated? Are we feeling drained or energized?

The vibrations we feel carry gifts and can bring us protection, healing, balance and joy. With our level of vibrancy, we have the cognitive clarity to focus on the gifts we are shown. What are we choosing to focus on? How willing are we to do something about it? Our bodies will always be the best messenger; however, it is up to us to actually listen. Trust me, the messages will get louder if ignored long enough!

Furthermore, when we pay more attention to what our body is communicating with us and we are taking appropriate steps to support our well-being, pathways of communication improve. As we become more aware, we open and or deepen our connection to Source. The pineal gland activates our crown chakra and fosters our psychic sight and thus we immerse ourselves in Divine Frequencies. Every cell of our beings expand and rejoice with this divine immersion reminding us of our unlimited potential.

Within this unlimited potential lies our unlimited abundance.

Journal Prompt

How would it feel to enter this Universal Vault and access this boundless self-serve buffet of abundance?
What resources would you retrieve, activate and/or connect with?



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