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Messages from The Body of Wisdom Oracles – February 2024

This month’s message is from the card pulled Evolving into Light from our I AM A Manifestor Oracle.

Evolving into light invites us to recognize that the process of our evolution is eternal and infinite.

Could it be a trigger to building resistance to embracing or reconnect with our Divine light?

The fact that we are eternal can be daunting, don’t you think?

When we come to the realization that through our fears, we have dimmed our light; that our fears have kept us in lower frequencies and have been impacting our human experiences, we may feel more comfortable in the familiar rather than be opening doors to change.

What is on the other side of those doors?

It is understandable to be wary of change, we are humans after all.  Most of us have asked ourselves at one point or another – If I do this, what’s going to happen? What will be the consequences of this choice? How will my choice impact others? And if I don’t pursue this avenue, what will become of me?

I believe that we all reach a threshold and then must face the need to break down our walls – either by choice or more often than not, it is forced upon us because staying where we are is no longer an option.

The continuance of pretending that everything is fine becomes unbearable and exhausting and leads us to wanting to live our lives more from a space of authenticity.

What is the cost of this resistance?

Breaking down the walls of the boxes we’ve kept ourselves so tightly in to step into the unknown can play tricks on us and create resistance. Resistance can manifest itself in various forms, for example:
* procrastination
* fatigue,
* frustration
* health concerns
* denial
* escapism.
All these forms can create stagnant energies within our bodies and keep us in a state that we do not necessarily want to be in.

Moving into an expanded awareness

Are we to continue to perceive the world in the way we’ve witnessed it? There’s more to it and we all know it…
At each moment, we have an opportunity to move into an expanded awareness; and when we do, we gift ourselves the chance to break patterns, break out of the restrictive mold, breakout of the illusionary “normalcy” that society has been dictating.

As we move into an expanded state of awareness, doors open, self-imposed limitations dissolve, perceptions shift, possibilities arise. What seemed impossible is now being thought of as possible. Things become attainable because we’ve allowed ourselves to evolve into light. We’ve allowed ourselves to tap into what makes us eternal  and infinite, tap into what makes us multi-dimensional and limitless in potential.

Becoming more into alignment

Evolving into Light opens doors to embracing who we are and stepping into the best version of ourselves becoming more in alignment to our true selves. It may help us figure out the why of our existence.

Choosing to release our constrictive thinking leads us to new human experiences. It leads us to new ways of thinking and of being. We become more compassionate, tolerant, and sympathetic toward our fellow travelers on this earth plane as they too face challenges.

Furthermore, when we shed the masks we wear as a result of our restrictive thinking; when we release our inhibitions, and free ourselves from complacency, we embark on a transformative journey. As we continue to explore and heal, we can overcome our tendencies of either submission or dominance and express ourselves more authentically. These releases allow us to reset our present reality.

Sometimes, I think of it as living 2 parallel lives – the one we are currently living and the one we wish we were living. Evolving into Light and resetting our perceived limitations offer us the opportunity to merge the two.

When we evolve into light and tap into our multi-dimensional self, we get to explore new perceptions, new dimensions, new universes, news ways of being.

Exploring our past experiences

We can see and appreciate the bigger picture that we have always been a part of. We get to explore other places of our own existence. We get to meet ourselves through our past experiences as we journey into our past lifetimes.

There is much to uncover as we tap into this Divine Wisdom. Our own records (Akashic Records) store information of all our experiences which we have access to and can draw from.

Exploring our lifetimes allows us to see and break patterns that have been hindering our growth and potentially our understanding and truths. When we evolve into light, we become more attuned to listening to our intuition – going inward and retrieving useful knowledge is available to all of us through our intuition and deep listening. We discern things from vaster perspectives and more often than not, we become more heart-centered. This exploration into our past lifetimes allows us to tap into our known gifts, talents and skills because we’ve done this before. It allows for a powerful awakening of what’s always been there.

Perceiving through our many eyes

Furthermore, we are reminded to see it all through our many eyes. When we perceive our experiences from shedding limitations and seeing through our divine light, through our multi-dimensionality, we are offered opportunities to un-create, create and re-create from higher levels of understanding and appreciation. Through the higher planes of consciousness, we un-create, create and re-create from vaster viewpoints. We can journey through our imagination to form a new world into being.

Staying centered through it all

Through it all – and as we evolve into light, shift our perceptions and embrace new worlds, we must learn to stay centered. It is too easy for us to get distracted by external circumstances or get pulled into other people’s stories, situations and experiences. We can easily get swayed out of feeling centered, calm and balanced.

As we center ourselves, we remind ourselves to live in the present moment.  Our breath is the easiest and quickest way to bring ourselves back to the now.  There is so much power in that. We can enjoy many benefits when we energetically check where we are. We can achieve more balance, calm, inner peace, objectivity and gain clarity.

When we get distracted from what’s important, we can lose ourselves, lack focus and lose vitality. We can get off track from fulfilling our purpose or get caught up in the repeating patterns, it keeps us replaying the same stories but with different players and nuances.

It can take us away from intentionally creating and result in a perpetual dance of unpleasantness and dissatisfaction.

Moreover, we rather want to open ourselves to the magic that lives within us. We rather want to open ourselves to tap into our limitless creativity that resides within us and be open to the experiences of synchronistic manifestation. It takes conscious effort but what a reward it can bring when we evolve into light!

Journal Prompt

Journey into your imagination while deeply connecting to your heart’s desires and see what world you dream into being.

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Carole Franques is an integrative practitioner of the Healing Arts. She holds various certifications in healing modalities with which she facilitates sessions. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Artist.
She is passionate about creating tools to support individuals in embracing and appreciating who they are; in stepping into all their potentialities through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. She is known to bring the invisible to the visible.  She hosts various online and in-person group sessions in various locations and conducts private sessions. She resides in Oregon.

Rosemary Nevara is a psychic medium and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to communicate with all manner of Beings, including those who have transitioned.
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We are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conduct sessions remotely and in person.


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