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Messages from The Body of Wisdom Oracles – January 2024

Card reading January 2024

As I look at the colors of the cards pulled, I am reminded of the cycles of the season – as days are shorter and we move into winter time.  Just like using a flashlight to find our way, we have to make conscious efforts to light our way out of own darkness.

The card pulled for this month’s message is Merging of Energies from the I AM A Manifestor Oracle. While this card talks about the merging of masculine and feminine energies, with the contrasting colors of black and gold in the imagery, I feel that it is inviting us to do some shadow work.


Merging of Energies

Tapping into our intuition is developed from delving deeper and spending time in introspection.
While masculine energy relates to the head and is more about determination, planning, taking action – the feminine energy relates to the heart relating to nurturing, collaboration, intuition.  In order to live a full life, we need to find balance between both our hearts and minds.

In the merging of energies, we embrace both of their numerous qualities. Remember that both energies reside within us. Through shadow work, we can cultivate clarity on what is ours to carry – such as burdens or responsibilities and what is not.

Yin and Yang

We may feel out of sorts when there is an imbalance of energies.  For example, boundaries may need to be either set or loosened. Falling into too much yin energy, we may be too concerned about pleasing others while a yang imbalance may lead us to be too much in our heads and we become withdrawn or emotionally unavailable.

Reaching a balanced state between those two energies can make the difference between controlling and allowing.  When I say controlling, I am given the visual of tight fists and tension, meanwhile and with allowing, I see vast and expanding horizons. Can you feel the difference of energy behind both of those visual descriptions?

Shadow work can be intimidating – Seeing yourself through the eyes of an Observer can ease the process.

The Obsidian stone invites us to allow it to become a way shower to the light; it becomes our guide giving us strength along the way. Shadow work – or looking at all aspects of the self – can be intimidating and scary for some which may result in resisting going deeper. However, being willing to implement self-discovery practices, we open ourselves to expanding perceptions of the self and the world around us.

We uncover inner gems that yearned to be revealed. There is more depth, wisdom, knowledge and truths to who we know ourselves to be in this moment. We can ask the Obsidian to work with us as a shield of protection while we indulge in self-exploration and shadow work.  It will help us stabilize and ground us so we can see things for what they are, not for what we wish them to be. It will strengthen our discerning skills. It will help us walk through the fog to lead us to clearer paths.

As we merge energies, explore our shadow self while being supported, we are given the opportunity to heal. We are strong. We are stronger than we know ourselves to be. Pulling from our inner strength, we can face our shadow aspects. Knowing our depths leads us to overcome any challenges that are being presented.  Let us put our fears aside as we know ourselves to be supported, protected, guided and grounded. That is helping us reach a state of coherence and balance.

Embracing the Light

All this exploring leads us to transform, to shed old paradigms and beliefs which guide us to embrace the light that resides within. For many, this light has been so dimmed that it has become unbearable and we find ourselves doing what is necessary to re-emerge into the light.

Valuable Insights

In our commitment and willingness to doing our inner work and go into introspection while merging our energies, we receive unimaginable and impactful downloads. We deepen our connections with our Higher Selves, with Spirit, with Mother Earth – each communicating Sacred knowledge and deeper Truths.  It is as if our clair senses have been heightened…

Receiving these precious downloads of information shifts us to higher frequencies and propels us into a vaster field of potentialities. It opens us to experience grace and gain a more optimistic outlook for life.

Journal Prompt:

Seeing yourself through the eyes of an observer, can you see when or in which
areas you may have been out of balance?  Have you given in too much yin or
too much yang?



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Carole Franques is an integrative practitioner of the Healing Arts. She holds various certifications in healing modalities with which she facilitates sessions. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Artist.
She is passionate about creating tools to support individuals in embracing and appreciating who they are; in stepping into all their potentialities through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. She is known to bring the invisible to the visible.  She hosts various online and in-person group sessions in various locations and conducts private sessions. She resides in Oregon.

Rosemary Nevara is a psychic medium and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to communicate with all manner of Beings, including those who have transitioned.
She does Direct Readings and use various Divination tools with Oracle and Tarot cards being among her favorites. She is passionate about using my gifts to be of service to others.
She conducts sessions on people and pets.
Rosemary conducts readings and participates in psychic fairs at Resonant Essentials in Albuquerque, NM.

*We are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conduct sessions remotely and in person.




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