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Messages from The Body of Wisdom Oracles – December Reading.

For this month, our pull from the I AM A MANIFESTOR Oracle is the Sanctuary Card which remind us to look within and go into our own Sanctuary, sitting in quietude and contemplation. This is quite the opposite of what we may be doing right now!

In the western world, this is a time filled with gatherings and events making this month one of the busiest as we gather with family, friends and colleagues to celebrate various holidays. It can also be about looking forward to new beginnings as we fest on the upcoming New Year.

In order to manifest our soul’s desires, we first have to practice deep listening. Connecting with our inner selves enables a more profound integration of body, mind, and spirit. In this serene space, we can hear the quiet whispers of our souls.

When we listen more intently, the easier we are able to connect with our inner wisdom. In this space of quietude and contemplation, we will discover that our abilities to perceive beyond the physical senses have increased or have become more refined.

By taking the time to self-reflect, we find hope, vision, and optimism. This practice also helps us develop trust in our own abilities to shape our reality.

Potentialities Arise!

The Lapis Lazuli stone embodies this message and encourages us to see through our psychic eye.

As we expand our perceptions, we are able to see beyond what is immediately in front of us and unlock new possibilities. In this expansion, mindsets shift. Doors open. Potentialities arise. New pathways get created.

We are allowing the space for our inner voice to grow stronger and our intuition to deepen. As we connect, we get to explore our deepest desires. We get to uncover our deepest wisdom and our deepest truths.

Furthermore, we are asked to be flexible in the way we perceive things. What is true for us is not necessarily true for another. What has been established may no longer serve the greater purpose. What has been created may no longer be relevant. Through expanded perceptions, systems, ideas, beliefs and intentions may be morphed to serve what is needed now. Cycles may get broken and recycled to embrace new concepts and welcome new ways of BE-ing.

Have you noticed how The Body of Wisdom of Oracles keep bringing us the messages of flexibility?

Let’s us embrace adaptability as it allows us to be more in flow and adjust accordingly. It can even point us to new paths and possibilities unseen before this time spent in quietude and contemplation.

It is too easy for us to fall into the trap of viewing the world from a narrow lens and limitations because that is what we have been taught or accustomed to doing.

While we expand our visions so we get to appreciate and witness the beauty that surrounds us. It is there for all to see…

Let us see beyond our reality!

In that space of appreciation, for all that is, we know ourselves to be blessed.

When we live in this frequency of blessings, we become agents of blessings to others. We are reminded that there is much to be grateful for and so are they. When we recognize how blessed we are, we open ourselves to receive more blessings and abundance.

As we delve into deep contemplation, exploring our Sacredness, our wisdom, and our truths, it is essential to stay grounded. The color lavish brown serves as a reminder that many individuals we encounter in our daily lives are reliable. By broadening our perspectives, we become more capable of recognizing our people – those who share our interests and values. We meet those that will uplift, encourage and support us.

While having tangible resources and people to rely on is reassuring, we know that our connection with the Divine provides us with a boundless intangible support system. This support is always accessible to us… All we have to do is ask!

Through this time of quietude, meet the depths of you as you grant yourself time to explore and practice self-care.

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We would love for you to share with us your gained insights…

Journal Prompt

As you spend time in quietude, contemplation and deep listening, what is being revealed to you? Do you notice any resistance too giving yourself some quiet time? What is taking precedence over you?



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Carole Franques is an integrative practitioner of the Healing Arts. She holds various certifications in healing modalities with which she facilitates sessions. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Artist.
She is passionate about creating tools to support individuals in embracing and appreciating who they are; in stepping into all their potentialities through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. She is known to bring the invisible to the visible.  She hosts various online and in-person group sessions in various locations and conducts private sessions. She resides in Oregon.

Rosemary Nevara is a psychic medium and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to communicate with all manner of Beings, including those who have transitioned.
She does Direct Readings and use various Divination tools with Oracle and Tarot cards being among her favorites. She is passionate about using my gifts to be of service to others.
She conducts sessions on people and pets.
Rosemary conducts readings and participates in psychic fairs at Resonant Essentials in Albuquerque, NM.

We are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conduct sessions remotely and in person.



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