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This month’s theme is from the card Airborne to imminent manifestation from the I AM A MANIFESTOR ORACLE which reminds us to give ourselves the permission and freedom to welcome new beginnings.

With imminent manifestation comes change.

We are encouraged to release resistance by welcoming change with grace and gratitude. When we least resist change, we are given an expanded perception of the life we’ve imagined. This life, becoming more palpable as we become more adaptable, is filled with joy, happiness, abundance, purity, and generosity. These ultimately foster synchronicities and opportunities for different choices to be made.

We are born abundant, but in many ways, we have forgotten that we are. Many say it is our birthright, but where does that sense of lack comes from? How have we become constricted to this way of thinking, of being?

Adaptability becomes a superpower when we open ourselves to change. Our fears and resistance will, most often, keep us where we are; reminding us, once again, that we always have a choice. Flexibility brings about spontaneity, tolerance, compassion and so much more.

As we open ourselves to imminent manifestation, expand in our adaptability and open ourselves to new beginnings, ideas rise to consciousness.

By de-cluttering the mind and managing our mental chatter, we can weigh our options more clearly and more objectively. Our perceptions shift and thus, our ideas brought to consciousness, to our awareness, awaken and morph to new dimensions. The potentialities and possibilities of ideas coalesce. They become potent and flourish as we align with our expanded perceptions of aligning with a more soulful, joyful living lifestyle.

Through our expanded perceptions of synchronous choices and potent ideas, we are encouraged to foster a state of balance. Through this state of balance, we protect and preserve our being-ness. Without balance, we succumb to the chaos around us. At every moment, we have a choice, but that choice is often influenced by external factors and forces. What we are choosing in that moment can change the trajectory of our lives as well as impact in unforeseen ways.

Are we to react? Attack? Submit to or simply be with what is?

Much of our life is out of our control; however, we can manage our state of being more gracefully.  Through a state of balance, we can enjoy a more serene approach to life. As a result of accepting change through a balancing act, we no longer allow ourselves to react. We become clear about what it is we want to protect and preserve. We able to discern and prioritize what matters.

How we protect and preserve may be a reflection of the traumas and wounds we carry. Healing these wounds and reaching a more balanced state favors a more serene way of protection and preservation. We protect and preserve, not from a space of survival, but from a space of understanding and wisdom.

Through balance, we feel more connected and exude more compassion which will influence how we choose to protect and preserve what is important to us. Healthier boundaries can be created. Old boundaries that kept us limited can be dissolved allowing us to be as well as allow us to embrace our imminent abundance. Things can become so much clearer…

As we allow for ideas to rise to consciousness from a state of balance and not give way to external forces, our creative imagination flourishes as well. We have the ability to access this endless wellspring of creativity we may have not previously tapped into.

More and more beautiful moments of synchronicity occur as we live from this balanced state. We’ve established this deeper body-mind-spirit-soul connection. Those synchronicities remind us how in flow we truly are.

Resilience as an important ingredient to the Manifesting of our Soul’s Desires

Our resilience has brought us to constantly bounce back to outside circumstances. Our resilience is what has kept us facing the duality of this human experience. Life can be overwhelming at times, but our resilience has kept us from giving up day in and day out as we understand more and more who we are.

Furthermore, with this deepened understanding, we can see how we have let external circumstances define the course of our lives and our experiences. As we embrace this higher state of awareness and balance, we are more in touch with how much power we truly have in creating our realities. We recognize that we can adjust, reframe, expand, and transform our lives, allowing ourselves to move forward with greater freedom. Nothing is written in stone, as it has been said before, we are the architect. Ultimately, we understand that we have the power to shape the direction of our lives.

Our resilience lies within us. Our resilience lies dormant until it can no longer stay dormant.; it gets activated or reactivated when we need. Our resilience serves us in bringing us into flow. We become the true manifestor of our own destiny and the choices that have been made before us no longer define our present ones.

We are airborne through our imminent manifestation welcoming new freedom of choice.

Through our resilience and our will to move through all challenges, small and big, we can triumph over any experiences we undergo. We have to remember that no matter what arduous demands we have been invited to witness and participate in while having this human experience, our resilience is what will carry us through. Have no doubt that you are resilient.

No matter how we approach the challenges and circumstances we find ourselves in, our determination, resilient mindset and attitude all contribute to our ability to adapt and move forward.

Just as the image of the spiral on the I AM Resilient card of the I AM Oracle, we can regroup, stretch, level up and be propelled in this quantum field of potentialities and new beginnings.

Cheers to new beginnings and to being Airborne to Imminent Manifestation!

Journal Prompt

As you are manifesting your soul’s desires, how more fluid can you be in accepting      change? Have you noticed some resistance to making necessary decisions or changes?

Journal prompt

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As an Integrative Practitioner of Metaphysical Sciences and Artist, Carole Franques is passionate about creating tools that foster shifts in consciousness through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. Through her body of work which includes art, decks of oracle cards and compilations of card spreads, she aspires to enlighten humanity. She encourages her clients to get to know who they are and become the best version of themselves. These purposeful tools stimulate potential growth through multi-sensorial experiences. She supports her clients with private and group healing sessions as well.
She supports Entrepreneurs with their crafts and visions through intention, mindset shifts and clarity.
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They are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conduct sessions remotely and in person.


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