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September Message

This month’s message is from the Heart Attunement card from the I Am A MANIFESTOR Oracle which motivates us to center ourselves in our knowing so that we can manifest our soul’s desires.

This is the beautiful space to create from…

In order to center ourselves in our knowing, we are encouraged to deepen our connection to Spirit. This deepening brings us to our knowing and in that space of knowing we recognize that we are safe.

When we are able to put our fears aside, it is much easier for us to establish and build relationships. Within those healthier relationships, we are more easily apt to come to and live from a space of compassion.

Furthermore, practicing self-compassion, making heart-to-heart connections, mingling with like-minded individuals help us become part of a community and thus deepens our sense of belonging. When we feel we belong, we feel less isolated, more supported and we open ourselves to new experiences.

Feeling safe and being in our knowing give us the opportunity of rebirth as we come to perceive the world and our relationships in a new light.

How do we get to this opportunity of rebirth? Of Attuning our hearts?

The guided message is to reset. We are encouraged to look at how we are keeping ourselves limited and how we are constantly operating from limited perceptions, restrictive and hindering patterns as well as attachments that can cut our wings. Those attachments can show themselves as co-dependency which are often times, relating back to our fears. All these keep us  in a box or prison of our own making.

As we expand our perceptions, as we let go of those perceived limitations and fears, we expand in our awareness. This expanded awareness gives us the freedom to step into unfamiliar and untreaded territories.  We expand our minds to new possibilities. We expand ourselves into new ways of being, of doing, of creating.

This is an offering to reset our present realities. As we let go and free ourselves, we empower ourselves. We are able and willing to seek our own truths, exploring our eternal wisdom, seeing life through a new lens, and admiring new promising horizons. We create room for more pleasant and nourishing experiences as we approach life through our hearts.

In fact, as we tune into our hearts, the barriers, the walls, we erected out of erroneous understanding and beliefs no longer hold.  While we reset our constrictive thinking, our growth becomes limitless, and we live through a renewed sense of the SELF.

Because of these restrictive and narrow-minded views we entertained for so long, we robbed ourselves of simple pleasures, of coming from a space of authenticity.

Hence, this distorted sense of self may have prevented us from pursuing our dreams, from pursuing a love interest, or as simple as taking a swim in the ocean. It could be as simple as taking a deep nourishing breath instead of holding it as we constantly walk on egg shells; this robbed us of living life fully and may have created an imbalanced environment (internal and external.)

We are encouraged to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, releasing emotions such as guilt and shame, releasing lower energies that kept us “in check” with others’ expectations and their own limited perceptions.

This message reminds us that we have everything we need. Indeed, we do!

Take it in… We are the creators… We are the builders… We are the architects and the MANIFESTORS!  As we evolve in our own path of understanding and enlightenment, we realize the endless possibilities that await us. Things can be morphed into something new as we can morph into a new way of being. These possibilities have always been here, we just simply forgot who we were as we have been operating from illusory realities!

Can you visualize yourself swimming in this vast universe and its endless possibilities?

Possibilities become palpable. They become achievable. We have the imagination. We are endlessly creative, imagination is a super powerful tool! As we live through our hearts, we are at ease expressing ourselves, coming from a more authentic place as we connect with others.

Attuning to our hearts allows us to tap into this endless revitalization, to tap into this renewed and comforting energy which in turn gives us the motivation to nurture the most auspicious mindset. This re-framed mindset supports us in creating a different reality. We gain clarity leading us to a path of prosperity and abundance as we open ourselves to all levels of clarity.

Remember, we are powerful beings with unlimited potential!

The choice of who we choose to be in this moment is ours to make. It has always been!
While the choice resides within us,  we have no choice but to delve deeper in our knowing of who we are. Our power resides there… From a space of love, all is possible.

Practicing self-awareness is vital to our path of enlightenment and The Body of Wisdom Oracles are here to assist, support you and guide you to create enjoyable and awe-inspired human experiences.

This month’s video message

Journal Prompt

Journal prompt

As you allow yourself to look deeper at where you are now, what will emerge as you tune into your heart by resetting and embracing the shared guidance from The Body of Wisdom Oracles?

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Rosemary Nevara is a Reader and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to support others, individuals and pets. She does Direct Readings and use various Divination tools with Oracle and Tarot cards being among her favorites. She is passionate about using my gifts to be of service to others.

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