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Transitional Bridge Reading July 2023

July’s Message from The Body of Wisdom Oracles



The transitional bridge card from the I AM A MANIFESTOR ORACLE encourages us to take a deeper look at where we are. It is asking us to purge and let go of what is no longer serving us so that we can gain clarity. This gives us the opportunity to step into peace. Furthermore, from that state of peace, we step into a newfound field of manifestation. What a beautiful invitation!

Journeying through various portals or gateways allows us to explore our eternal existence through past, present and future from our many lifetimes, through the multi-dimensions and universes that exist. Consequently, we get to review and tap into the auspicious layers of experiences that are filled with treasured information.

Through these explorations, what is to be shed is revealed. Discovering our multi-faceted selves supports the retrieval of an abundance of knowledge and newfound frequencies. This journeying opens us to the opportunity of healing, of transmuting lower energies while recreating vitality and expanding our receptivity.  We are granting ourselves access to higher levels of frequencies, becoming more of a vibrational match to that which we desire. As a result, we are also granting ourselves the gift of operating from higher states of consciousness and evolving into the recognizance of our true essence.

On our path of evolution, we reconnect with our creativity. In this newfound field of manifestation, we become our most creative selves.  We tap into an endless pool of imagination offering us new perceptions, vibrancy, and hence a new outlook on life. As ideas rise to consciousness, new ways of expression materialize. This new sense of self offers us moments of contemplation to pause and fully embrace ourselves as this multi-faceted, magnificent being of pure energy. In these moments, we recognize and appreciate our multi-dimensionality, aligning and listening to the whispers of our souls more attentively.

A new understanding of our interconnectedness is acquired through breath, through water, through flow. We come into the appreciation and the knowing that we are all connected, that is THE reality.  this sense of separation no longer exists as we are reminded that there is only one of us here.
Oneness is no longer but a concept; it is realized and embodied.

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Journal prompt –

Journal prompt image


As you allow yourself to look deeper at where you are now, what will emerge in this newfound field of manifestation when you choose to follow this guidance?


Through the messages from The Body of Wisdom Oracles, our intention is to provide support and guidance as you practice self-awareness and self-discovery on your evolutionary path.

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Carole Franques is an integrative practitioner of the Healing Arts. She holds various certifications in healing modalities with which she facilitates sessions. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Artist.
She is passionate about creating tools to support individuals in embracing and appreciating who they are; in stepping into all their potentialities through self-awareness and self-discovery practices. She is known to bring the invisible to the visible.  She hosts various online and in-person group sessions in various locations and conducts private sessions. She resides in Oregon.

Rosemary Nevara is a psychic medium and Integrative Energy worker.  She taps into her aptitudes in order to communicate with all manner of Beings, including those who have transitioned.
She does Direct Readings and use various Divination tools with Oracle and Tarot cards being among her favorites. She is passionate about using my gifts to be of service to others.
She conducts sessions on people and pets.
Rosemary conducts readings and participates in psychic fairs at Resonant Essentials in Albuquerque, NM.

We are both avid users of Oracle cards and have created and self-published 5 decks. We conducts sessions remotely and in person.

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